Are Spirituality and Religion The Same? How Do They Differ?

Are Spirituality and Religion The Same, How Do They Differ

Are Spirituality and Religion The Same? How Do They Differ? – Maybe you often feel confused when someone tells you are spiritual but not religious. Spirituality? Religion? Are these terms different? Yes! They are two different things.

What Are The Difference Between Spirituality and  Religion?

So, we are often misunderstood that we often relate religion with spirituality. So, if you don’t have a religion, then you cannot be a spiritual person. But let’s make it clear.

Everyone can be spiritual even though you don’t have a religion. It is something you have in real life, your value that you trust as a person. Indeed it is absurd and complicated to describe because it doesn’t appear as something clear like religion, but we have it. Meanwhile, religion is something you believe that you also worship what you believe and do what you are following (religion). To make it clear, here are some different cores between spirituality and religion.

Spirituality Has No Rules

Unlike religions that bring rules about what to do and what not, spirituality is more like an ideology that let you follow what you believe is true. You can say it intuition. So, there is no punishment and reward regarding something you do that you think right.

You Do Something Not Because of Fear

Not trying to say religions are bad because there are some aspects like the concept of reward and punishment, but spirituality doesn’t tie you to this matter. There is no consequence of your action because you believe it. Someone doesn’t need to tell you should do this or that. So, there is only love that encourages you to do the right thing.

But Religion shows You The Truth and Spirituality Wants You To Discover It

Religion will tell you what is right or not, how the universe was created and why you should do this and should not. It is clear and stated in the religion’s rule.

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But when it comes to spirituality, you will not be told how you do something. Instead, you search it on your own.

Spirituality Unites People

With the same perspective that religion will tell you there is God, but it has a different way of worshiping and another set of rules inside. For spirituality, you seek it deep in your heart and most people will do the same thing and find the same thing. It unites people because they share the same value. This can be the smallest thing like donating money for the needy, telling the truth and so on.