Top 4 Popular Christian Sites in Jerusalem

Top 4 Popular Christian Sites in Jerusalem

Top 4 Popular Christian Sites in Jerusalem – Probably Jerusalem is one of the most popular cities with its religious tolerance. Yes, this country has Christian, Islam and Judaism religions and they live peacefully. You can always see beautiful buildings with outstanding mosaic as well as the religious practices there blend well. No one feels bothered.

Just like other monotheistic religion, Jerusalem has special places for Christian. Here are some popular Christian sites.

The Mount of Olives

If you hear the Mount of Olives, then you will remember Jerusalem, even though it is not part of the city. The journey of Jesus from Jericho to Jerusalem makes this place special. Then, this Mount of Olives is the pinnacle journey which is cresting the hill. This mount is the first view you will see when visiting Jerusalem.

The entrance is one the most iconic thing of Mount of Olives where Jesus rode a donkey in Jerusalem representing Jesus’ Triumphal Entry and presented Himself as the Messiah, (Zechariah 9:9).

  • Jesus gave His Olivet about the end times in this mount (Matthew 24:3).
  • This place was the second coming of Jesus as it is stated in Zechariah 14:1-21 and also Acts 1:9-12.

Church of St. John the Baptist

This place marks the birthplace of Saint John which is later known for baptizing Jesus. This a grand church with a very best look even though it has been built a long time ago. The west aisle is outstanding with the stained glass designed by Harry Clarke studio. The stonework in its Gothic Revival is likely influenced by Pugin. In terms of interior, the view is marvelous and superb.

Pool of Siloam

This is the original site of Jerusalem that is located outside of the Old City. This rock-cut pool was filled by water from Gihon Spring which is also believed as the sacred Christian site. It is mentioned in Isaiah 8:6 and Isaiah 22:9.

The water in this pool would be used for “Mikveh” in Jewish ritual bathing. Besides, this pool also plays important roles in the city as the source of fresh water.

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Jerusalem Archeological Park

Another place that gives the sense of Jesus time is Southern steps excavations. It is located at the south of the Temple Mount with 200 feet wide flight of stairs. This place represents the step from the Second Temple. At least, three times the worshipers enter this place after cleansing themselves with mikvot or ritual bath.

No wonder if people say visiting Jerusalem is like living in a Jesus time. The atmosphere is so mystical that everyone will not forget.